1. Do I need to provide my own clothes for the portrait photo shoot ?

Yes, you will always need to provide your own clothes. David Butcher will gladly advise you on what colour and style of clothing will go best with the background and your features, but ultimately the choice is yours, since you must be comfortable in whatever clothes you chose to wear for the shoot.

If you feel that you would like the assistance and advice from a professional stylist, David can arrange this for you at an additional cost. Please ask David for the fees that will be charged by the stylist, as they can differ greatly. The stylist will help you get the right clothes for the shoot.

  1. Is hair and make up included in my portrait photo shoot fee ?

The hair stylist and make-up artist fees are only included in the shoot fee if they are specifically itemised in the quotation sent to you, and if you approve of the hair stylist and make-up artist selected by David at least 48 hours before the shoot starts. This also gives you time to discuss your specific requirements with the hair stylist and make-up artist, or to select another hair stylist and make-up artist of your choice, well before the shoot begins.

As a rough guide, the make-up artists and hair stylists that David Butcher works with usually charge about £75 per hour each (with a minimum booking of Dhs. 2 hours), dropping to about £250 each for 5 hours. Rates vary slightly according to the artist involved, so please check at the time of booking for an accurate quotation.

  1. Will our portrait photo shoot take place at a location or in a studio ?

This is your shoot, so you can chose the location !!! However, there are a number of restrictions on photographing at outdoor locations, so please ask David for his advice on suitability before setting your heart on any specific location. If you prefer an indoor studio location, there is no additional charge for the use of David Butcher’s studio, located in Colden Common (about 5 miles south of Winchester), but the studio is only large enough for up to 2 adults and 2 children. If a larger studio is required, David can rent one for you, but this will cost extra – typically around £250 for a half day or £400 for full day bookings. Please specify your request to David for an accurate quotation.

  1. How long will I have to wait for my retouched portrait photos ?

It all depends on the scale of the shoot that you chose with David and the number of images to be retouched. A standard 1 hour photo shoot with 5 images to be retouched will usually be ready on the following day, but a longer shoot with more images to be retouched will take proportionally longer to complete. As a rough guide, allow 1 day for every 6 images to be retouched, but if you need the images urgently, David can always bring in additional Graphic Artists to complete the work in a significantly faster time (at an additional cost). Please specify your deadlines for an accurate quotation of costs.

  1. Do your fees include travel expenses ?

Yes, David Butcher will not charge you for any of his travel expenses (petrol, car parking, time, etc.) for the first 50 miles from SO50 6HW. However, unless the 10% booking fee has been paid in advance, David will not travel to any location further than 50 miles from his studio and residence in SO50 6HW. The exception is for Portrait and Product Photography - there is an additional fee payable for locations outside of David's studio, to cover the time of setting up and derigging the required lighting and other equipment.

     f. Can I have all of the images taken during a portrait session, not just those that were selected for retouching ?

No. David's image depends upon the quality of images that he delivers, and every photograph will benefit from retouching to a greater or lesser extent.

In Event Photography, where many hundreds or thousands of images were taken, it is neither possible (in the time-scale available) nor commercially viable to retouch every image. In the case of a Wedding, every image will be retouched, and the cost of this is integrated into the quotation for Wedding Photography.

Even if the level of retouching on every portrait image - such as removing skin blemishes or imperfections  - was not so time-consuming, many of the images taken will be very similar, just slightly alternative poses or expressions differentiating them, so do you really need a hundred or more very similar images ?

Alternatively, when you go out to a 5 star restaurant for dinner, would you expect the chef or restaurant to give you all of the uncooked ingredients for all of the food on the menu that you didn't order, so that you could take it away and cook it at home later ? No, that food will be thrown away -  a waste, but the chef or restaurant cannot risk you cooking their food improperly and damaging their reputation.

     g. Why should I book David Butcher Photography ?

1. Peace Of Mind. David has been taking photographs for over 50 years now. Growing up in the days of analogue film cameras (when you couldn't chimp and check the image on the LCD screen), his vast experience and knowledge enables him to get it right in the camera, minimising the amount of images that need to be rescued in Photoshop later. David continues to regularly attend additional training courses, to improve his skill set even further.

2. Value For Money. Despite providing you with excellent images, David will charge you significantly less than most other Photographers.

3. Reliability. As soon as David gets back home, he will start uploading the images taken during your photo shoot into a password-protected dedicated gallery on his web site, from where you can view them for selecting those to be retouched, or download the images. That means that in the example of a wedding, you can forward this gallery link to your guests (or those who were only able to attend in spirit), so that everyone can enjoy the (unretouched) images just a few hours after your big day. These images will be left on David's web site for as long as possible as an additional safe archive for you.

4. Turnaround. David will usually complete any required retouching work on your shoot before he takes on any new shoots, hence minimising the delay until you can have your retouched images to a matter of a few days.

5. Security. When you book with David Butcher Photography Ltd., you are booking David Butcher himself, not a sub-contracted part-timer who might be standing in for your chosen Photographer. David will not accept any double bookings, so as soon as you have paid the minimal booking deposit, you are guaranteed the services of David on your chosen day. If you book a second Photographer / Videographer / Make-Up Artist / Hair Stylist, David will select the very best available for you, to ensure that both you are happy and David's reputation is not tarnished.

6. Quality. Over 70% of David's bookings come from word-of-mouth recommendations from his many existing clients. David uses his web site and Facebook Business page as a convenient electronic portfolio to give his potential clients an indication of the quality and depth of his work. 

7. Discretion. David will respect any request from you for anonimity, so will not post any images or details of your photo shoot anywhere in any public domain if you wish to remain discrete.